Lavender & Poppy Seed Luxury Dog Shampoo Bar

Lavender & Poppy Seed Luxury Dog Shampoo Bar

This luxury dog soap provides a beautiful smelling and eco friendly alternative to the usual dog shampoo.


This soap is made using 100% organic, raw, cold pressed coconut oil. With Vitamin E, and dog safe essential oils.


This soap is naturally calming, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory.


Vegan and cruelty free.


Approximately 100g.





How to use - simply lather up, rub all over your dog, and rinse well. Fur will be left feeling squeaky clean and will fluff up once dry. The soap is for use on dogs only, although perfectly safe for humans, it is formulated to match the pH of dogs’ skin which is higher than our own.


Sensitive skin - this soap is ideal for minor skin conditions like itchy skin. However, for serious issues or very sensitive skin always consult with a vet. These soaps are not medicated, so if you have been advised by a vet to use a medicated shampoo, it would be advisable to continue with your vet’s recommendation. 

Safe for dogs - yes, absolutely! The soaps are made with 100% natural ingredients, with a safe level of dog friendly essential oils. The pH level of each soap has been tested, and the puppy soap contains a smaller amount of oils to ensure it is super safe for their delicate skin.


How long will it last - each bar of soap should provide for approximately 20 washes, and soaps have a shelf life of two years.


Suitability - the soaps are suitable for all dogs, although for podded mixes we do advise to follow up with a conditioner due the nature of their coats. It is not recommended for use on pregnant bitches.


Anything else - these soaps are lovingly made in the UK, and are eco-friendly, natural, vegan and cruelty free!